Judge Tosses $650M ‘Voice-To-Skull’ Lawsuit By Targeted Individual

Posted: September 25, 2013 in Culture


A U.S. judge has dismissed a $650 million lawsuit filed by a Pittsburgh man who claims the federal government has been using “voice-to-skull” electronic devices to manipulate his mind.

Frederick Banks filed his case last month against “an unknown number of federal judges and United States covert government agents” and other officials, including U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

In voiding Banks’ lawsuit, U.S. Middle District President Judge Christopher C. Conner found his claims to be “wholly incredible and delusional.” The judge exercised a policy that allows the prompt dismissal of lawsuits that are found to be patently frivolous. So Holder and the other defendants never had to reply to Banks’ claims.

Banks’ allegations do seem like something out of an episode of “The X-Files.”

He claimed that for some time, federal authorities have been using voice-to-skull, or “V2K” devices, to place voices inside his head. The alleged harassment was prompted by his repeated filing of lawsuits against the government, Banks contended.

In his two-page lawsuit, he cited what he said was information from the Federation of American Scientists, which described V2K technology as non-lethal weaponry that uses microwaves to transmit sound into a person’s, or an animal’s, skull. The technology also is used as an “electronic scarecrow” to chase birds away from airports, he wrote.

Full Story @ [pennlive]

  1. Jo says:

    You can find information on this technology in the John St Clair Akwei lawsuit against NSA. He describes it as mimicking schizophrenia. The govt doesn’t want this exposed, but they are experimenting on thousands of citizens.

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  2. Itay Hazan says:

    as public technology advances to each the state of the secret tech level, more lawsuits like this will be filled and approved. this is a global crime.


  3. Michelle Watch says:

    I am a victim too


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