Communists Shut Down Press: “We Don’t Allow Right Wing Bloggers To Tape Our Events”

Posted: June 19, 2014 in Politics

Blogger from gets harassed, cussed at and cops even called on him.  These progressives didn’t want him at their public meeting.

Dateline Monday June 16, 2014 – Portland Oregon: On Thursday evening I decided to attend and film an event called “The Edifice Complex – A critique of how Capitalism Affects the Built Environment.” Held at Portland State University (PSU), this was an event open to the public. I went to sit and peacefully film. The event was sponsored by the International Socialists Organization (ISO) which teaches Trotsky Communism. Grant Booth, a senior member of the organization, who teaches Marxism at the University, decided to try to have me ejected. Booth’s group is heavily subsidized by the taxpayer on campus. After giving me looks that could kill, Booth calls Campus security. When Security arrives they of course tell me I can stay.

“You’re a fucking piece of shit!”: Communists cancel event rather than allow a “*notable* right wing blogger” to peacefully videotape it.

The usual raucous baseless accusations of stalker, bigot, sexist, homophobe etc. ensue. The group surrounds me and bumps my camera twice. I’m given the double middle finger and called a “fucking piece of shit” by one of the more tolerant members of the group. On hand is Neil Thomas Loehlein made famous in my video “‘I Wipe My A** With the American Flag’: The New Civility of the Left on Display” seen here… and on Fox News). Grant Booth can be seen in this video calling for workers to rise up and take over corporations:…. Jamie Partridge known occupier and writer for the communist “Socialist Worker” is on hand to try and block my camera with his jacket.

The video shows the only disturbing and harassing that was done was by the intolerant organizers themselves.

Update 6/19 03:47 PT: ***Identified*** African American Male who assists in the harassment of the journalist. *** Delé Balogun *** (WeatherRadical) who appears in closeup at 4:17 (holding leftovers box) giving me dirty look which could kill while his friend *** Chris Beck ***, Portland, gives me the double middle finger.

Update 6/19 03;28 PT: At 2:48 into the video, established in-stream link for *** Neil “Thomas” Loehlein *** or just Neil Loehlein, Portland, who disrupted 2011 Tax Day TEA Party. Watch video: “I Wipe My Ass With the Flag” which was sent to PSU Provost Jackie Balzer. Counter protest was organized at PSU by Loehlein in these very buildings evening before TEA Party. Loehlein never apologized for racist and homophobic slurs caught on tape, appeared on Fox. (…)

Update 6/18 13:52 PT: Full unedited footage posted here and linked at end of video. Includes me being called a “Motherfucker.” Working to identify the person who said it. (…). Also managed to understand what protester is saying at the end: “Scummy piece of fucking shit!). So annotated.

Update 6/16 15:47 PT: *** Identified ***: Rather large pasty skinned guy giving the double middle finger, and dropping the F-Bomb. *** Christopher Zimmerly-Beck ***….

Update 6/16 16:33 PT: Identified. Plump chick with librarian glasses that insists “We Don’t Allow Right-Wing Bloggers to Tape”
*** Mer McIntyre *** or *** Mer Rees ***…


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