Jamming on US Global Command freq 11175 khz

Posted: July 15, 2014 in SWIG

Welcome back to the Survivalist2008 channel. I’m John. This morning, 15 July, 2014 about 8:00am Eastern, I noticed on Steve Quayle’s web site (Q Alerts) that a reader reported severe jamming of the US Global Command Freq 11175. Also reported, jamming of US Global Command freq 13200 khz. I decided to tune in, and found some type of interference occurring on 11175, but not on 13200. Later, the interference on 11175 ceased. Signal strengths were +20 to +40 dBs over S9 with preamp activated. No direction detected as I am using a dipole antenna. I live in the northern central part of North Carolina. Not sure at this time if this is accidental interference or malicious interference. However to have interference occur on solely these two specific frequencies, and none other, is quite suspicious.


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