Myron May: My Experience as a Targeted Individual

Posted: February 3, 2015 in Culture

The first of three videos made by attorney Myron May one or two days prior to the November 20, 2014 shooting at Florida State University. The recordings were found by Tallahassee police playing in a loop on May’s laptop in the wake of the tragic event.

  1. John Allman says:

    This is distressing. Thank God he didn’t kill anybody. But why did he think he needed to hit anybody, and injure them, in order to get publicity? A school shooting in which the gunman appeared to be shooting to miss any of the potential victims would have been more newsworthy than a school shooting in which the gunman was trying to kill people, which are becoming commonplace.


  2. […] of late where the shooters have claimed to hear voices and or have been gangstalked such as Myron May and Aaron Alexis.  Is this COINTELPRO? Or false flag by DHS to keep getting fat budgets? Or is […]


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