The Other American Revolution: Cops as Armed Leninists

Posted: February 3, 2015 in Politics


American cops are the re-imagining of many state bands of thugs before it: the Gestapo, the Russian Cheka and NKVD, Mussolini’s OVRA ( a pale analog of Wilson’s notorious American Protective League). American cops don’t have to be secret police, they are living the Communist and Fascist wet dream of a judicial rubber-stamping of any crime against the state, massive gulag facilities and an executive regulatory apparatus that will criminalize ANY human transaction if not conducted with state approval or license.

American policing has reached a state of incivility, mayhem and naked murder that should make any decent man blanch but the Milgram/Stanford experiment shackled to the Stockholm Syndrome that is the tax cattle milling about under the red, white and blue simply obey.

Because the price of disobedience to the armed state sentinels prowling the American landscape will tolerate no less.

Watch any police encounter on the tens of thousands of video archives by observers and bystanders; every encounter is escalated so that the state thugs can apply the wood shampoo or worse.

Full Story @ [zerogov]

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