OPSEC: FBI Informants, Friend, Turn In Gun Owner

Posted: March 27, 2015 in SWIG

Two confidential informers gathered information, sometimes making recordings, according to court documents. One described Hagler as a very intelligent “Rambo” or “mountain man” type, trying to live off the grid and harboring “extreme anti-government and anti-law enforcement views.”

That informer, who had known Hagler for more than 30 years, said the suspect had a seething hatred for his ex-wife and was becoming more agitated after events in Ferguson and in fear of losing his homes because of unpaid taxes.

A second informer said the tone of Hagler’s views against government, law enforcement, African-Americans and Muslims had escalated.

Hagler allegedly discussed a desire to kill multiple officers, and talked about attacking a police funeral or a BackStoppers or CrimeStoppers event. BackStoppers is a local charity for the survivors of fallen first responders; CrimeStoppers accepts crime tips from the public.

An informer once saw a copy of “The Anarchist’s Cookbook” open to a section on making a land mine-like booby trap, according to court documents, and recalled Hagler saying he “would love to see a policeman walk on one of those.”

Hagler told the other informer he had rigged flower pots on his front porch to explode, to impede any police raid “by taking a lot of their legs out.”

Hagler also talked about shooting an unsuspecting officer from the side of a road, and said no one would ever know who did it, according to an informer.

He discussed killing his ex-wife, according to the same documents. The informer wasn’t sure he was serious, but Hagler then allegedly claimed he had once killed someone in his home and cut up and disposed of the body.

The same informer said he had seen two AR-15 rifles, two AK-47 rifles, shotguns, at least 10 handguns, a sniper-style rifle and more than 10,000 rounds of ammunition at Hagler’s home. Hagler claimed to have altered the AR-15s to fully automatic, meaning a single trigger pull could keep the rifle firing until the ammunition ran out.

The second informer also saw weapons, and a ballistic vest, in the house.

Hagler allegedly said he was moving weapons and ammo to a box trailer where he believed it would not be found by authorities if his home were raided.

He also mentioned guns in hidden compartments in the house and more rifles buried somewhere, according to court documents. At one point, Hagler reportedly had steel plates lining the front walls in case of a shootout with police, but they were gone on the informer’s last visit.

Hagler said he would “kill everyone on his bucket list” if he were ever diagnosed with a serious illness, the second informer told police.

He said Hagler discussed building bombs, and in a visit to the house saw a tripwire across the front doorway that Hagler said was tied to explosives. The informer also saw two pipe bombs and said Hagler told him of “surprises” hidden all over his yard.

Hagler’s criminal history dates to 1980, when he was arrested but not convicted of selling marijuana to an undercover St. Louis officer, according to court documents. His nine other listed encounters with police include multiple instances of pointing guns at neighbors, a domestic violence charge and other marijuana-related charges.

In 1988, Hagler allegedly threatened to shoot a city animal control manager in a dispute over a citation, and received one year of probation for harassment.

He told informers about growing marijuana in his home, court documents say.

Hagler’s arrest happened on his second day of work with Timberline Landscaping, where he was earning $12 an hour, according to court documents. In the past year, he has earned roughly $390 a month — $190 from food stamps and the rest from “odd jobs.”

He owns the Howell Street properties, a 1997 Chevrolet Astro van, two 1976 GMC 3500 trucks and a 1980 motorcycle in disrepair, according to the documents. And he has real estate tax debt of $4,000, as well as old medical bills of an unknown amount.

He listed himself as separated or divorced, with no children.

Full Story @ [stltoday]


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