FBI Claims Disrupted Plot Against ‘Military Installation’ But No Plot Existed Before Agent Impersonated ISIS Fighter

Posted: March 30, 2015 in Politics

The FBI announced in a press release that it had stopped a US Army National Guard soldier and his cousin from carrying out a terrorism plot against a “military installation” in Illinois on behalf of the Islamic State. The men were charged with conspiracy to “provide material support” to the terrorist organization and arrested as part of a sting operation.

Army National Guard Specialist Hasan Edmonds, a black US citizen, allegedly planned to travel to Egypt to join the Islamic State. Jonas Edmonds, Hasan’s cousin and also a black US citizen, allegedly planned to remain in the US to carry out an attack against a “military installation” in Hasan’s uniform and with information Hasan “supplied” on how to access the “installation.”

Is there any reason to be skeptical of the idea that these two men posed a threat, particularly before the FBI had undercover agents interact with them? Did the FBI provide the means, opportunity and desire to commit an attack as undercover agents and paid informants have done in previous sting operations?

There are a set of questions worth asking any time the US government claims the FBI has “disrupted” a terrorism plot, according to Mike German, a former special agent for the FBI and fellow with the Brennan Center for Justice.

First, did either of the men engage in any direct action with the terrorist organization?

Did either of the men obtain weapons prior to the FBI’s decision to intervene? If they had weapons, what type of weapons were obtained?

Following those questions, did the men have the resources or capabilities to carry out this plot or attack without government assistance? And were plans for an attack formulated before a government agent was introduced?

Undercover FBI Employee Contacted Hasan on Facebook, Impersonated Islamic State Fighter

According to a “special affidavit” filed by an FBI special agent [PDF], it does not appear the men had any interactions with any alleged members of the Islamic State prior to an undercover FBI employee (“UC1″) contacting Hasan on Facebook.

Full Story @ [The Dissenter]


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