AP: Americans Strongly Support Different, Imaginary #Drone Program

Posted: May 1, 2015 in Politics


The headline on the Associated Press story is unambiguous: “AP Poll: Americans approve of drone strikes on terrorists.” And that’s true! According to the AP’s poll, 60 percent of Americans support the use of drones to “target and kill people belonging to terrorist groups like al-Qaida.”

The problem is the U.S. drone program does much more than kill members of al-Qaida: it also kills a significant number of civilians, and drone operators often don’t even know exactly whom they’re targeting. So the AP’s own poll doesn’t show, as the story claims, “broad support among the U.S. public for a targeted killing program begun under President George W. Bush and expanded dramatically under Obama.” What it does show is broad support for a drone program that doesn’t exist.

And strangely enough, if you get all the way to the story’s ninth paragraph, you learn that the AP’s own reporters have a pretty good hunch that the previous eight paragraphs were bullshit.

Full Story @ [The Intercept]

Under 18 U.S. Code § 1111 – Murder; Obama and crew can be put to death as penalty. Sadly, rule of law does not exist in America. Rule of law only exists when the state is reaching for average Joe’s wallet or plain Jane’s purse.


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