#Police Report Part I: Badge Abuse

Posted: May 4, 2015 in Culture


Badge Abuse (noun): the use of powers granted to law enforcement officers by the state to violate the rights of citizens

Some believe that the stories about bad cops are the anomalies; that every profession has its share of bad apples. The key difference is that when UPS hires a ‘bad apple’ and fails to properly train such an employee, customers’ packages don’t get delivered. When a police department demonstrates the same lack of due diligence, citizens’ lives and well-being are threatened, and sometimes, worse. The issues facing law enforcement are widespread and systemic; not anomalies.

April 2015 was a tumultuous month for policing in “The Land of the Free”. From traffic stop confessions of ticket-writing “expectations” to men being beaten by uniformed officers for sadistic pleasure to a shackled city rupturing in violent riots, the past month has been a horrific case study on the state of police in the United States. This Police Report documents the most egregious cases of police brutality, wrongful deaths, extortion via court fines and surveillance tactics used by local law enforcement. We also explore the perspective from behind the body camera, speaking to a former police chief and current city manager who implemented body cameras in his city two years ago. The unprecedented national attention paid this month to the issue of police brutality will prove historic as citizens take power over the police narrative through camera lenses. This is the April 2015 Police Report.

Full Story @ [diurnanews]

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