Watching The Watchers: Searchable Database Of NSA Contractors Revealed

Posted: May 7, 2015 in Tech


There’s been a lot of great work with people looking at what intelligence contractors do and about the function of specific surveillance programs—about what intelligence agencies do and the interactions between them—but no one has really looked at this at much of an individual level,” McGrath said. “However, I think it’s important to look at the surveillance state from an individual level, because institutions are made up of people. And when we can understand what people do within institution—why they do it, what their world view is [and] how they got to that point—we can get a better understanding of how they function, how we can reform them and, luckily, it’s very easily to find out who is involved in the surveillance state with just a few simple Google searches.

By comparing shared skill sets and program names mentioned by analysts, Transparency Toolkit has already been able to draw inferences concerning the apparent NSA programs mentioned in those profiles but not anywhere else. McGrath said that a lot of the code words he came across were absent from previously published NSA documents, but details can be derived by looking for links involving other analysts and programs. ICWATCH offers users the ability to filter by key word, location, area, industry and other factors, ideally allowing any open source analyst to try and make the most of a database. This might very well help uncloak the NSA to a new degree.

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  1. This is brilliant.


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    This is real poetic justice, to my way of thinking. If NSA thinks they can monitor all our communications and movements, they need to accept we will identify and target them as individuals.

    In some ways, this is the biggest breakthrough since some activists uncovered Cointelpro by breaking into an FBI field office (after dealing with hundreds of FBI break-ins to their homes and offices.


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    Excellent information.


  4. lozzafun says:

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    This is a powerful video… Hope all will watch it!…


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