Orchestrated #BaltimoreRiots “Just the Beginning”

Posted: May 8, 2015 in Politics

According to Police Commissioner Anthony Batts, “splinter groups” from outside the area “threw metal barriers at officers and smashed windows of bars and restaurants,” the Baltimore Sun reported. While admitting that most of those arrested were locals, the police department also noted that “outside agitators continue to be the instigators behind acts of violence and destruction.” Baltimore Mayor Stephanie “space to destroy” Rawlings-Blake also blamed “outside forces” for much of the looting and violence against police. Multiple news reports even indicated that gangs were declaring open season on law enforcement. None of those forces are going away.

Among the race mongers who descended on Baltimore was Al Sharpton, a close ally of the Obama administration who has been demanding “national policing” and other points on the White House agenda after each establishment media-fueled round of unrest. But Sharpton was hardly alone, either, and now, black supremacists are pushing a “race war” narrative and urging people to get violent in order to bring about “change.”

There are other interests at work, too. Video footage of protests against Baltimore police taken by Infowars in Texas revealed communist agitators flying communist flags with the hammer and sickle at the front of some demonstrations. Exploiting the anti-police hysteria in Baltimore, the Communist Party USA propaganda mouthpiece People’s World ran a column by CPUSA boss John Bachtell promoting “radical changes.” Bachtell recently boasted of how his party, once a tentacle of the mass-murdering Soviet regime inside the United States, “utilizes” the Democrat Party to advance its totalitarian agenda.

Full Story @ [The New American]


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