Posted: May 9, 2015 in SWIG


Last year a team of eight Intelligence collectors and analysts spun up during the Ferguson riots to test the proof of concept of the Virtual ACE, or Analysis & Control Element.  What we found was that a small team of dedicated volunteers could disseminate threat reporting much faster than any teevee newscast.  We were consistently five to 15 minutes ahead of what was being reported by the media and were able to report information that never surfaced on local or cable news.  (That final Intelligence Report is here. Forward Observer podcast episode is here.)

The proof of concept result in one sentence:

Had this event been local to our areas, we could have broadcast numerous and continuous early warning reports to the community.

One very astute student is going to take the lead later this month during Operation BEACH CRUISER.  Every Memorial Day, hundreds of thousands of Americans descend on Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for Atlantic Beach Bike Week, otherwise known as “Black Bike Week”.

“Each year our town is trashed, violent crimes are committed, and it’s only getting worse,” says one group of Myrtle Beach residents calling for an end to hosting the event.  Last year, there were at least three shootings (five shot, three dead) on the first night of Black Bike Week.  Violence during this week-long event is a perennial occurrence and this coming event isn’t expected to be any different.

Full Story @ [guerillamerica]


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