Tradecraft: The Cache

Posted: May 12, 2015 in SWIG

The art of hiding supplies for later use was perfected by two groups. Most modern militaries rely on the techniques used by these two organizations when training their own soldiers for “stay behind” operations. One of the two groups perfected the techniques for hiding their supplies in rural settings, the other developed effective means for hiding their equipment in urban environments. Those two organizations are the Viet Cong and the Irish Republican Army.

Why would you need to hide something?

Pick a reason; there are millions. It could be something as simple as wanting to have precious metals stored somewhere other than the house to protect them in the event of a break in or robbery. It could be the desire to safely store your firearms out of reach of children. It could be to have a last line of defense in the event of invasion. Most people, however, want this information to prepare for the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

Cache vs. Slick

These two methods are related, but are very different. They both involve placing your supplies in a secure location that is hidden. The difference is the length of time the supplies are intended to be stored and the ease at which they can be retrieved.

Full Story @ [thefifthcolumnnews]


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