Judge: Police Are Conducting 3 Million “Investigations’ Of Motorists Every Week

Posted: May 14, 2015 in Tech


A Calif. Appeals Court issued a modified opinion rejecting the ACLU lawsuit against law enforcement agencies in the Los Angeles area. The civil rights group had joined the Electronic Freedom Foundation in seeking to force disclosure of a week’s worth of actual ALPR records to demonstrate how the systems are used to monitor the public.

A three-judge panel decided to shield the program that scans about three million license plates every week from any further scrutiny. The Los Angeles Police Department retains the records for FIVE years, and the sheriff’s department retains them for TWO years.

DHS/Police and our judicial system are complicit in spying on our every movement!

License plate readers are given to police departments by DHS. Click here to read more.

They [police] contend, ALPR systems “do not conduct investigations; they collect data.” This is B.S. license plate readers collect much more than data. DHS/Police Fusion Centers are collecting and storing our driving habits. Click here, here & here to read more.

License plate readers are even being used to collect taxes!  The ACLU published a revealing report on what license plate readers collect, I posted some of what they discovered near the end of the article.

The following opinion is one of the most disturbing I have read except for the Patriot Act:

Under state law, records of an investigation are not subject to public records requests. The judges reasoned that the departments are conducting “investigations” into three million motorists every week, which makes the surveillance records exempt from disclosure.

Full Story @ [massprivatei]


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