#Ukraine War – #Novorossian Rebels In Heavy Fighting With Ukrainian Army Have Close Call With ATGM

Posted: May 16, 2015 in War

The journalist Andrey Filatov who is actually embedded in Ukraine released footage of Novorossian rebels during heavy fighting wih the Ukrainian army in the area of Donbass. The Video shows him and the men having a close call with an incoming Ukrainian tank round landing extremly near to them and injuring some of the men.

It all happened during an Novorossian engagement onto Ukrainian positions while using cover fire from a BMP and aAA Gun. After that the men exposed themselves in the open and started firing onto the Ukrainian positions with small arms wich was responded then by the Ukrainian army via tank fire.

We only can advise you to take a look at Andrey Filatovs Channel and to Subscribe to him for more reports from the Novorossian rebels and the Syrian Army.

Longer 12 Minute version below.

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