#Boeing Threatens To Outsource Jobs If Ex-Im Bank Is Shut Down

Posted: May 18, 2015 in Economics

If the U.S. decides to stop subsidize Boeing’s exports, the company will find another country that will, according to a spokesperson.

Scott Scherer, head of regulatory strategy at Boeing Capital, told The Financial Times Sunday that Boeing would “not sit idly by” if Congress allows the Export-Import Bank’s charter to expire on June 30, as appears increasingly likely.

“Boeing is not going to let itself be hurt by the lack of an Ex-Im Bank,” Scherer said. “If it means sourcing … to other countries who will support us we may have to look at that. Other countries have more aggressive export policies. We will find an alternative.”

Ex-Im provides financing to American exporters, mostly through loan guarantees. Supporters say the bank facilitates deals that the private sector cannot or will not finance on its own, but opponents claim its primary function is to provide corporate welfare in the form of subsidized loans.

Full Story @ [Daily Caller]

  1. […] in May of this year Boeing threatened to outsource jobs if ex-im bank is shut […]


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