Houston Home Valued At $300K On Sale For $150 … Plus A 200-word Essay

Posted: May 18, 2015 in Culture

The real estate is valued at more than $300,000, but interested buyers need only submit a 200-word essay—that’s half a page—for a chance to buy the home for the price of an OK desk chair.

“We just wanted to try it out,” said Michael Wachs, 33, who is selling the home with his wife Stephanie. “There’s something appealing in kind of an anarchic way about a person or family being able to get into the heights for $150 in 2015.”

But the offer isn’t charity; Wachs plans on making back they money he would have earned by selling the house. Submitting an essay to own the house costs $150. And in Houston, the nation’s fastest growing city with a 6 million person metro area and a booming housing market, Wachs anticipates thousands of applications. That’ll be a lot of pages to read, but he promises he and Stephanie will read them all.

The contest winner gets a 1,056-square foot wooden house built in the 1920s on a 5,300-square foot lot in the north Heights, blocks from Loop 610, where similarly sized homes go for two-to-five-hundred thousand dollars. It has a lawn, new appliances and recent renovations. Wachs said he and his wife, who inhabited the house since late 2013, want to move closer to their young daughter’s school.

Full Story @ [Houston Chronicle]


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