Dark Web Investigations Mostly About Propaganda For Market Disruption

Posted: May 20, 2015 in Economics


In the end, buyers of guns on the dark web, who want one for a perhaps subjectively legitimate purpose, such as defense of home and hearth, are going to have to part with substantial money for their weapon of choice if they prefer not to make a perfectly serviceable 4 winds shotgun, and invariably, the suggestion is that they are involved with more criminality than just trying to illegally buy a gun is an easy conclusion for investigators to seize upon – one which seems to have been (anecdotally) supported by the Australian end of the HSI investigation, where they seized the princely total of four (count ‘em, four) firearms, but came across two meth labs, meth, meth cooking goodies, and even some steroids as the investigation spread out.

So, what is this HSI investigation all about? Its simple, really. Whilst drugs are, and always will be, semi-mainstream, they are a product which, to borrow from Erich Schlosser, we publicly abhorprivately adore and buy in astonishing amounts. Firearms, in countries where regulation is tight? Not so much, and the assumption is that it will lead to further lines of inquiry both locally and abroad. What exactly does HSI get out of this? This investigation has given potential firearms buyers everywhere pause to stop and consider their next purchase very carefully, because as we all know, on the internet, no-one knows you’re a dog, even if you’re a well regarded seller with excellent feedback.

Actions like this, even if they don’t lead to large scale arrests, help keep markets disrupted. It lets them trumpet their successful investigative prowess, for very little actual effort. Its given them intelligence to feed into the machine at the U.S. end, and it has helped its overseas colleagues who in turn have gotten to trumpet their own investigative prowess by serving them warrants and paths into criminal groups on a platter – back slapping all round, for close to no effort on the part of anyone. UC firearms investigations are here to stay because it brings criminals, large and small, onto the police radar and puts a gigantic target on their head, for basically no time or effort down. A cop’s wet dream, if they could keep doing it forever.

Full Story @ [deepdotweb]


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