Police Brutality in Texas Biker Gang Shootout? Waco Bikers Give A Different Account of Events

Posted: May 20, 2015 in Culture

A popular bikers website called The Aging Rebel recently published a totally different account of the fatal shootout that occurred near a Texas Twin Peaks restaurant on Sunday than the one that Waco authorities told reporters.

The article, titled “The Waco Police Massacre,” mentioned a number of details that were not previously published, and also presented the controversial theory that described the event as a police ambush, according to the Washington Weekly Times.

Originally, Waco authorities didn’t want to name the biker groups  involved, saying that they did not want to “give the gangs publicity.”

A Waco Police Department spokesman said at a press conference yesterday that 18 officers were on scene prior to the event due to the overwhelming presence of bikers in the shopping mall parking lot.

Four of the deaths – not all nine – were reportedly caused by law enforcement, according to CNN.

The Washington Post calls into question the timing between the Waco shooting and an open carry bill in the Texas senate.

But even in Texas, debating the merits of a bill that relaxes gun laws one day after nine people were killed in a shootout between rival biker gangs and police at a Waco restaurant seems oddly timed. It’s tailor-made for a “Daily Show” segment full of knowing jokes about America’s relationship with guns and the country’s singularly elevated gun death rate among wealthy nations.

According to restaurant security video shown to the Associated Press, only one of the dozens of bikers was seen firing a gun from the patio of the Twin Peaks restaurant where nine people were killed on Sunday. The video shows bikers on the restaurant patio ducking under tables and trying to get inside. At least three people were holding handguns.

A shove in the bathroom became a scuffle in the restaurant. When about 30 Bandidos, Cossacks, Scimitars and other bikers spilled into the parking between the Twin peaks and the Don Carlos Mexican restaurant next door, the police were waiting for them. The scuffle became a knife fight and several men were stabbed. When one of the combatants produced a gun the Swat team opened fire with automatic weapons.  Multiple sources have told The Aging Rebel that all of the dead were killed by police.

Full Story @ [HNGN]

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  2. Victim says:

    I was there and the cops killed then men


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