#FBI Initiates Martial Law On #Texas Bikers Wearing Insignia

Posted: May 21, 2015 in Culture

Confederation of Clubs:

Brothers and sisters of the COC, a bulletin issued to all state law enforcement agencies by the FBI is as follows: THIS IS STATE WIDE: In light of what happened in Waco, there is enough probable cause to warrant police to pull over any person wearing and patch and search for weapons, at this point any person wearing a patch of club insignia is considered a gang member, even if you hold a CHL you will still be arrested, so be safe out there and keep your eyes open.


  1. After some reflection I wonder if this is agitprop….

    There is a date on this

    no link to the FBI memo

    sloppy grammar [gang member, even if you hold a CHL, you will still etc]

    There is some identification, I guess

    The more I think about this, the faker it seems.

    It looked good at first glance.

    Still looks like agitprop to me….


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