#Texas Issues Alerts Of Retaliation From #Motorcycle Clubs For The Murder Of Nine In #Waco

Posted: May 22, 2015 in Culture

Outlaw biker gangs plan to arm themselves with explosives and target police officers in Texas, according to a bulletin sent out by the Texas Department of Public Safety. The alert, which warns police agencies from Austin to North Texas to watch out, comes just days after a biker-gang brawl in Waco left nine people dead.

Citing an unnamed informant, DPS said members of the Bandidos Motorcycle Club who are in the military are supplying the gang with grenades and C-4 explosives.

Waco police spokesman Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said Thursday all those killed or injured on Sunday were members of five criminal motorcycle gangs at the restaurant for a biker meeting. A day earlier he told The Associated Press that all those killed were members of the two rival gangs at the center of the violence.

Family members of one of the men killed — 65-year-old Jesus Delgado Rodriguez — dispute Swanton’s claims. They say Rodriguez was not part of a gang and did not lead a life of violence. An Associated Press review of court records and a database maintained by the Texas Department of Public Safety found no criminal history in Texas for Rodriguez.

Records searched by The Associated Press show more than 115 of the 170 people arrested in the aftermath of a motorcycle gang shootout outside a Central Texas restaurant have not been convicted of a crime in Texas.

Multiple witnesses at the scene dispute the cops version of events and state that a shove in the bathroom became a scuffle in the restaurant. When about 30 Bandidos, Cossacks, Scimitars and other bikers spilled into the parking between the Twin peaks and the Don Carlos Mexican restaurant next door, the police were waiting for them. The scuffle became a knife fight and several men were stabbed. When one of the combatants produced a gun the Swat team opened fire with automatic weapons. Multiple sources have told The Aging Rebel that all of the dead were killed by police.

However, according to restaurant security video shown to the Associated Press, only one of the dozens of bikers was seen firing a gun from the patio of the Twin Peaks restaurant where nine people were killed on Sunday. The video shows bikers on the restaurant patio ducking under tables and trying to get inside. At least three people were holding handguns.

Waco police spokesman Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton told the AP on Wednesday that all those killed were members of the Bandidos or the Cossacks.

In addition from a lawsuit filed against Twin Peaks by the neighboring restaurant Don Carlos it is claimed the police fired “thousands of rounds” toward the bikers; striking not only bike club members but also Don Carlos customer vehicles.


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