New Documentary “An Open Secret” To Name #Pedophiles In #Hollywood

Posted: May 23, 2015 in Culture

“‘An Open Secret,’ Amy Berg’s nonsensationalist expose of the sexual abuse of young male actors by those with the power to make or break them, recasts an old Hollywood story, substituting boys for starlets and hot tubs for casting couches. Though clearly championing the cause of the ex-child thesps who candidly recount their ordeals, Berg’s crusade advances on eggshells, dodging the potential lawsuits looming at every name named.

“More than highlighting victimhood, Berg’s film gives her subjects a platform without exploiting them. As the film makes painfully clear, it’s unfathomably difficult to come forward in this kind of situation, and despite copious accusations and a considerable number of young boys who have no reason to lie about such atrocities, they’ve been frequently silenced or ignored by the media.”

A Disarming Films production, “An Open Secret” is produced by Amy Berg and Katelyn Howes. Executive producers are Gabe Hoffman and Matthew Valentinas; Co-producers, Peter Clune and Alex Riguero. The film is written by Amy Berg and Billy McMillin and Lorien Haynes.

Full Story @ [IndieWire]


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