#FBI Uses PATRIOT Act To Gather #Gun Owners Data

Posted: May 25, 2015 in Politics

patriot_poster-smallWhile much of the focus has been on the Section 215 phone records program — first revealed by Edward Snowden in 2013 — the provisions authorize more than that. The FBI says it could also lose crucial surveillance authorities if Congress lets the law expire.

Speaking at an American Law Institute event this week, FBI Director James Comey warned that a PATRIOT Act sunset would “severely” affect his agency. The FBI relies heavily on the soon-to-expire provisions of the law to obtain specific business records — from library records to gun ownership data — and wiretaps for multiple devices, he said.

“If I lose these tools, it’s a huge, huge problem,” Comey said. “We use [Section 215 to obtain specific records] fewer than 200 times per year, but when we use it, it matters tremendously.”

McConnell has also warned of grave danger if Congress fails to act. “We need to recognize that terrorist tactics and the nature of the threat have changed,” McConnell said Friday. “At a moment of elevated threat, it would be a mistake to take from our intelligence community any — any — of the valuable tools needed to build a complete picture of terrorist networks and their plans, such as the bulk data collection program.”

Full Story @ [politico]

  1. nearboston says:

    If you actually need the data, and it’s only 200 times a year, you can get a warrant as long as it is legitimate.

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