Obama Usurps Local Police With Fake “Ban” on Militarization

Posted: May 26, 2015 in Politics


Some media outlets did report the facts, though buried deep within their articles. “To have access to that equipment, police departments must meet national policing standards, track their use and receive approval from the federal government before selling or transferring them,” USA Today reported under a misleading headline about an Obama “ban” on military supplies for local cops. “To be eligible to purchase that equipment, agencies must adopt ‘robust and specific written policies and protocols’ covering not just the use of the federal equipment, but their policing practices in general. Agencies that violate those rules would be barred from future equipment purchases for at least 60 days and, in some cases, be referred to the Justice Department for a civil rights investigation.” In other words, if local cops want military gear from Obama, they need to become what some critics of the scheming are calling “ObamaCops.”

Police departments, of course, can continue to purchase as much military gear as they like — including anything on the newly unveiled “controlled equipment list” defined by Obama and even “banned” items. After all, Obama may like to rule by “pen and phone,” but the Constitution does not give the federal government or the White House any authority over local police. Now, however, if local or state law enforcement want any of the proscribed military equipment, they may still acquire it, just not directly from the Department of Defense or other federal agencies for free or drastically subsidized. Despite that, pro-law enforcement groups blasted Obama for allegedly putting officers in harm’s way by ending handouts of military gear. They should have focused instead on Obama’s efforts to usurp control of police departments from local communities.

The new Obama rules for police in exchange for military gear were one small part of a broad set of recommendations issued by Obama’s “21st Century Policing” taskforce — the overarching theme of which was promoting increased federal control over law enforcement. While speaking to a group of police at the carefully stage-managed event in Camden, the president also touted some of his other efforts to exert more control over police — officers who are supposed to serve and be accountable to local communities in accordance with the Constitution and the wishes of local citizens, not the White House. Among other schemes, Obama boasted of his administration’s alleged efforts to “fight crime,” improve relations between police departments and the communities they serve, and promote “transparency.” He also touted a White House “data initiative” aimed at prodding police departments into following federal guidelines on data and body cameras.

Full Story @ [The New American]


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