Boston #Cop, #FBI Agent Shoot Black Muslim In The Back

Posted: June 2, 2015 in Culture

In the aftermath of the shooting, Linda Sarsour, executive director at the Arab American Association of New York, posed several unanswered questions, specifically wanting to know the extent of the FBI’s surveillance into Rahim, among other things.

Law enforcement says he was under surveillance (being monitored).
1) how long was he being monitored, 2) what was the basis of the monitoring, 3) what supervisory approval was their for the monitoring, 4) the duration of it, 5) which law enforcement agency set it up, 6) where else did the surveillance lead them that day?

The last question I ask is because of how early this was. Did he go somewhere for Fajr? Did they surveil a place of worship?

The CVS:
1) what prompted them to go to the CVS, 2) was there a reported threat, 3) what law enforcement agencies made up the JTTF (Join Terrorism Task Force), 4) which agency is in charge on site – as in, whose operation is this, 5) who attempted to “speak” with him, locals, Feds, or both.

The actual shooting:
According to the family, he was shot 3 times in the back while on a bus stop going to work. He was on the phone with his father who heard the shots. Last words from Usaama were “I can’t breathe.”

1) Law enforcement says he was brandishing a military knife and came towards them. If its true that he was shot in the back, then this makes no sense.

2) If he was on the phone with his father, was it handheld, headset? Were his hands even free?

3) Is this common counter-terrorism practice? You just stroll up to someone on a bus stop or in front of a CVS to question him? That’s what law enforcement is saying they did.

MANY UNANSWERED QUESTIONS, and like all those we demand justice for – this family demands answers. ‪#‎Justice4Usaama‬

It should be noted every single FBI officer-involved shooting since 1993, about 150 of them, has been “deemed justified.” The agency has also been known to stage and foil its own terror plots.

Full Story @ [InfoWars]

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