Hacking Team Founder: Hey FBI, We Can Help You Crack the Dark Web

Posted: June 2, 2015 in Tech

The FBI is worried encryption will hurt its ability to fight crime, and the head of a controversial Italian surveillance tech company is willing to help.

The surveillance tech company Hacking Team has gathered widespread attention for selling its spyware products to countries such as Ethiopia, Morocco or the United Arab Emirates, where governments allegedly used it to target activists and journalists. But since 2012, Hacking Team has also been providing spyware to the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), as Motherboard revealed in April.

Now, in an email sent to a company mailing list, Hacking Team’s CEO and founder David Vincenzetti hints that he has the technology to help the FBI get around its encryption woes.

Referring to a recent speech on encryption by FBI Director James Comey, Vincenzetti writes that the most “relevant” and “confidential” information online is spread using encryption technologies such as “hidden forums in the Darknet.”

Full Story @ [Motherboard]


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