Curry County New Mexico #JadeHelm15 Exercise To Take Place On Base

Posted: June 8, 2015 in Politics


In an effort to ease public concerns, the Curry County Commission received a U.S. Army briefing Tuesday regarding the upcoming Jade Helm training exercise and its inclusion of Cannon Air Force Base.

“It has nothing to do with martial law,” Lastoria said. “It has nothing to do with closures of (nearby) Walmarts, things of that nature.”

Commissioner Wendell Bostwick said he requested the briefing not for those reasons, but because area ranchers had difficulty with similar training exercises that took place in the county about 30 years ago. Otherwise, he considered military training to be commonplace.

The three other commissioners in attendance — Chet Spear, Ben McDaniel and Tim Ashley — had no other questions, other than McDaniel asking for a reiteration the exercise would only take place on base. McDaniel and Ashley each said they had prepared questions, all of which were answered during the briefing.

Full Story @ [Albuquerque Journal]


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