Disappearing In a Crowd: Staying Off the Radar Once the SHTF

Posted: June 8, 2015 in SWIG

According to Princeton psychologists Janine Willis and Alexander Todorov it only takes one tenth of a second for people to form an impression when they first meet a stranger. The study also concludes that “longer looks” at a stranger will not sway the first impression (Wargo, 2006).

The first impression can be a lasting impression, and there are no “do over’s”.

Fair or not, like it or not, we all are being judged continually. We all are being sized up, if you will, by strangers, acquaintances and law enforcement as we move about during our daily lives. We are judged by our actions, our looks, and race and by our political and religious affiliations.

In some cases, people imagine others may be a threat based solely on looks, race, clothing, tattoos, hair, and other features. People are bombarded with images of the so-called bad guys on television, in the news and in the movies and the images carry over into their daily lives, and thus people are on the “look-out”.

Profiling, looking for danger and being on the look-out for threats will only increase once the SHTF.

BLISS as a Guide

B – Blend in with the surroundings.
L – Low silhouette
I – Irregular shape
S – Small.
S – Secluded

The acronym BLISS is usually associated with the military. It is an easy way of remembering the key points of camouflage. BLISS can be used in any situation however, to help you blend in so you are not the focus of attention.

Once outside of your home, you are under constant surveillance, by cell phone cameras, and surveillance cameras in stores and along the streets and not to mention drones and even satellites that are monitoring continually.

It is very difficult to become invisible, but you can become insignificant, so no one pays you any particular attention. You will be seen, but what do they see is what you have to ask yourself. Your actions and appearance will be judged. You may have to change your habits to stay off the radar.

Full Story @ [Preparing For SHTF]


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