Armageddon Strikes: Massive Cloud Sparks Russian Nuclear Attack Panic

Posted: June 10, 2015 in Culture

The huge shape floating above homes and businesses sparked widespread panic as people took to social media to find out if the end of the world was coming.

Many in the city of Tyumen in south central Russia believed it was the beginning of a nuclear war.

Photos of the ominous mushroom cloud quickly went viral in Russia.

Alexander Bogdanov posted a photo on Instagram saying: “World War III has begun.

“I photographed it from my window.”

Another, Oleg Alexeeva, tweeted: “Oh, God save us. What have they done?!!!”

While MyraYer posted: “Crazy b******s!!! This is the end.”

The huge golden-spiral was spotted by motorists who pulled over to take photos and videos before the world caved in.

The article never states what the witnesses actually saw and is left to assume that it was a weather event.

Full Story @ [Daily Star]


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