#Yemen War 2015 – Heavy Clashes On The Saudi Border As #Houthi Rebels Attack Saudi Military Outposts

Posted: June 10, 2015 in War

Heavy clashes erupted again in Yemen as Houthi rebels started numerous attacks on Saudi Arabian Army outposts.

Pro Houthi sources also reported that the fight was thrown inside the territory of Saudi Arabia where military outposts where targeted and even overrun.

This Video footage shows Yemeni Houthi Rebels from the ground using small arms, machine guns and rocket launchers such as RPGs in heavy clashes with Saudi troops and inside at least one Saudi checkpoint from where they continued to engage the Saudi Arabian Army.

Also a number of Saudi armored military vehicles and APCs where destroyed during the fighting.

There is not much information about the latest attacks and Saudi media didnt seemed to have reported about the firefights in the area around the Jizan region that now seems to face constant infiltration attempts in Saudi Arabia by Houthi fighters.

It is most likely that Saudi Arabia now will intensify their efforts and engagement in the Yemeni Civil War that now slopped over into their own country and territory by using ground troops inside Yemen.

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