White, Male & Broke in Los Angeles

Posted: June 11, 2015 in Politics

“I speak perfect English but I can’t seem to get a job in my own country! I have to know Spanish.”

I’m a white male who lives in Los Angeles, Ca where I was born and raised. I’m also half Italian on my mothers side but my last name on job applications displays my fathers “white” last name.

I just turned 40 on June 1, 2015 and I’m completely broke and penniless. I’ve been unemployed since March of 2013 when I slipped at work and dislocated my shoulder.

I worked as a bartender at a luxury hotel in Beverly Hills, in their 5-star fine dining restaurant. I was in the kitchen one night when one of the cooks had left an oil spill without cleaning it up. I slipped on the spill and landed on my left shoulder.

I went straight to the ER and the doctor popped my shoulder back into its place without any painkillers. The doctor took me off work for the next three months, as I was not going to be able to do the job properly. I applied for disability and received payments for three months while the Workers Compensation case was being processed in the courts. I was awarded a small amount of money to pay for my shoulder. That money ran out very quickly, mainly just paying rent.

The hotel paid me less than $20K and forced me to resign and agree to never apply for work with them again because of the lawsuit. My lawyer assured me that future potential employers wouldn’t be able to discriminate against me as a result of that case. I feel my lawyer mislead me. I never should have sued.

Full Story @ [Henry Makow]


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