Information Warfare: Forum Shill Gets Busted Due To Software Bug

Posted: June 12, 2015 in SWIG
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Some explanation is in order because the source article assumes its readership can read between the lines with Internet savvy. So, back in the first half of 2013 an Internet operative (shill) was exposed due to a bug in Windows Virtual Server remote clipboard management. Instead of copying and pasting some shill text, some remote clipboard error text was posted instead. An astute forum user quickly summarized what he was seeing in the post and took a screenshot before it was deleted. It was determined that the op was with the National Clandestine Service, a branch of the CIA, after some intense googling. Threads regarding the exposed shill were started on two separate forums, Above Top Secret and Godlikeproductions, but were quickly deleted by the administrators.

A Forum Shill gets busted. Something very interesting happened over at GLP March 24th [2013] at 9:28 pm. Something that did not go unnoticed by GLP posters and many others around the interwebz. On page 7 of a thread titled “Medical Type Says Sandy Hook is Total BS”, a user from “Kazakhstan” posted the following:

Re: Medical Type Says Sandy Hook is Total Bullshit

[0x1a970000, 0x1ab00000, 0x27570000>
[rdpclip.exe, “iostatZd15.1”]

you copied a large amount of data onto the clipboard …Do you want to save this data on the clipboard?

User ID: 35850666 Korea
User ID: 36689081 Korea
User ID: 33951304 Kazak
User ID: 36809983 Kazak

N.C.S. logo.jpg

Sensitivity Level

Action Code

Team 5.A/
Location of official Agency folder
Team Contact
Sheila N******


Do any of the respondents display the urge to supply information that could be helpful to your mission?

Full Story @ [insanemedia]

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