#Amazon Releases First-Ever Transparency Report

Posted: June 14, 2015 in Tech


Amazon has released its first-ever transparency report, and it sure took the company long enough to do so. As ZDNet notes, it was the last of the major technologies in the Fortune 500 ranking to do so. Though, it’s possible that the fault lies not with Amazon—some rumors indicated that the U.S. government might have asked Amazon to hold back on publishing a transparency report, seeing as Amazon provides cloud computing services to 17 different intelligence agencies that make up the government’s greater “intelligence community.”

As for the report itself, Amazon indicated that it received a total of 813 subpoenas for the time period from the start of 2015 to the end of May. It fulfilled the requests for 542 of them, or 66 percent, and partially fulfilled a further 126. It received (a meager) 25 search warrants and acted on 13 of them (with eight additional partial responses), and the company received somewhere between zero and 249 national security requests. Amazon, by law, cannot disclose the exact number of these requests—just a range.

Amazon received a total of 132 different legal requests from non-U.S. governments, and it complied with 108 of them. The company didn’t offer any additional explanation as to why, or what, it actually did, which is a bit of a contrast to other companies’ transparency reports that indicate in greater detail just how a company does (or doesn’t) comply with these kinds of requests.

Source: [Amazon, PC Mag]


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