On the Need for Legitimacy

Posted: June 14, 2015 in SWIG


The real task for us, then, is two-fold.  Number one, we have to work towards setting the stage for the ideals of Rightful Liberty to be adopted by these newly-warmed light bulbs.  That’s done through something as simple as building relationships — winning hearts and minds through inform and influence operations; not through coercion or threats.

And our second task is not to convince the Free Shit Army to vote Republican or to become conservatives, but that if they want to improve their lives and the lives of their children, they must do something different.  Many FSA’ers are intelligent; they have the intellectual capacity to handle Rightful Liberty.  It’s not a lack of intelligence that prevents them from adopting Rightful Liberty, but a lack of exposure.  This stuff isn’t taught in grade school, college campi or on Worldstar, so it’s no surprise that they stay in the FSA echo chamber.  They’re taught their entire lives that the source of their ills is institutional racism which stems from Republican politicians, and that the solution to their problems is through the (D) party line at the voting booth.  We know that’s plain wrong, however, their perception is their reality.

In my all-time favorite book, Choice Theory, psychiatrist Bill Glasser explains that if a person is unhappy, he has two options:  change what we wants or change what he’s doing.  And we’re already seeing this message, albeit in whispers, being communicated in some FSA communities.  Our success rate may be low, but consider the exponential growth of the Free Shit Army right now.  If we can make a difference in the lives of just one percent of them each year, then year over year, we’ll have some very sizable gains in those who support Rightful Liberty and we’ll have more former FSA’ers to help spread that message as well.  I know many people will balk; however, don’t focus on the FSA, focus on one individual.  We can’t win the FSA but we can win one individual at a time.  There are lots of them who don’t know what they don’t know, and have never had Rightful Liberty explained to them.

If we’re planning on withdrawing the consent of being governed by a corrupt federal regime, then we’re going to have to deal with those who still give consent or those who benefit from that consent.  If we can’t convince some of them, then we’re going to be fighting them, politically or kinetically.  What we want to build is legitimacy and it begins with a paradigm shift in what many view as some unlikely places.

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