Colorado Supreme Court Sites Federal Law Over Fired Medical #Marijuana User

Posted: June 15, 2015 in Politics

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled Monday that a business can fire an employee for using medical marijuana even if the employee is off-duty at the time, a decision that could have far-reaching ramifications in a state that has decriminalized most marijuana use.

The justices said that the employees in question can be fired because marijuana is still illegal under federal law, marking the latest example of the sharp divide between state laws and the federal law. This chasm affects nearly two dozen states that allow legal medical marijuana, as well as a growing effort across the country to legalize recreational marijuana, following in the footsteps of Colorado and other states.

In the case before the state Supreme Court, Coats v. Dish Network, the plaintiff argued that the satellite provider violated this statute by firing him for using medical marijuana. Brandon Coats is a quadriplegic who has used a wheelchair since he was a teenager, according to court filings, and he obtained a medical marijuana license in 2009.

Full Story @ [Washington Post]


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