Sunday Times Levels Copyright Charges At Greenwald After He Debunks Snowden Report

Posted: June 16, 2015 in Tech

The UK newspaper Sunday Times is accusing US journalist Glenn Greenwald of copyright violations after he debunked the paper’s report on Russian and Chinese spies allegedly accessing Edward Snowden’s NSA leaks.

Greenwald, who was the first to contact Snowden after he left the US with his data trove, slammed the Sunday Times report which cited unnamed UK officials as saying Britain had to pull back its agents from China and Russia because those two countries had cracked Snowden’s documents.

In his disproving report for the Intercept, Greenwald used a screengrab of the Sunday Times subscription-only article – and that is what the paper is now angry about. The paper says this violates the copyright of “the typographical arrangement of the front page.” The accusations come in a legal notice the Sunday Times sent out on Monday citing the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) adopted by the US.

Source: [RT]


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