Tradecraft: Resisting Interrogation 101

Posted: June 16, 2015 in SWIG
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Washington, DC (TFC) – Interrogation is now commonplace in the United States. It may not be in room with a hot light, it may not be in a detention center. It may not be under torture. It may be something as simple as questioning on the side of the road. It may be by a private individual and not a law enforcement officer. The first rule of dealing with cops: don’t. Ask for your lawyer, and keep your mouth shut. However, there are scenarios in which law enforcement is operating outside the scope of the law or the person interrogating you isn’t law enforcement. The techniques used during effective interrogation are the same whether you are dealing with a local cop, a federal agent, an insurgent group, a foreign intelligence service, or a kidnapper. Understanding the tactics makes you much less susceptible to them. The tactics will be discussed and the reader will be given a mantra to repeat after each question is asked and the most basic technique of defeating it. There will be follow-up article to discuss more advanced methods of turning the situation to your advantage and gaining intelligence while being interrogated.

We Know Everything:
This is one of the most common methods. You are shown a thick file or multiple files. The interrogator begins reading information from the file. You hear your birthdate, mother and father’s names, where you were at earlier in the morning you were captured, you might even be shown a photo from years before to demonstrate how long you’ve been under surveillance. Most of the file is empty. They know where you were earlier because they followed you prior to abducting you. The photo was pulled from your friend’s Facebook page and then it was cropped flipped and zoomed in on to distort it from the original photo.
Mantra to defeat the technique: If they knew everything, they wouldn’t be talking to you.
Method to defeat the technique: Silence.

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