British Banking Technical Glitch Makes Payments ‘Vanish’ Overnight And Customers Could Be Out Of Pocket For Days

Posted: June 17, 2015 in Economics

Millions of pounds have gone missing after a technical glitch meant 600,000 payments to and from RBS customers’ accounts disappeared overnight.

Thousands of people have not been paid and scores of direct debits were not delivered as a result of the error which affected customers of NatWest, Coutts, Ulster Bank and RBS.

Furious customers today told of being put on hold for more than an hour when trying to resolve the issue after checking accounts to discover they had not been paid.

RBS has revealed it could take until Saturday for payments to reappear with the bank refusing to reveal whether everyone affected would be given cash to tide them over until then.

It is the second time this year the group’s customers have been left without payment. At the end of March customers complained of not having been paid overnight. A spokesman at the time said the problem was down to a technical fault. RBS could not confirm whether today’s missing payments were the result of the same fault.

Full Story @ [Daily Mail]


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