Lindsey Graham: ‘Being Able to Track People, Put Them Into Systems’ One Way to Prevent Mass Shootings

Posted: June 19, 2015 in Politics

Graham was asked what can be done legislatively to prevent future shootings. He replied:

I bet there were some indicators early on that this guy was not quite there. Just being able to track people – put them into systems where they can be deterred or stopped. But it’s very complicated in a nation of 300 million people where you have freedom of movement and freedom of thought. 300 million of us and unfortunately every now and then, something like this happens. And we’ll see.

The perceived treatment of white suspects as mentally ill “lone wolves” by the media where non-white suspects are treated as terrorists and thugs is a common complaint in the wake of mass shootings by white men.  Lindsey Graham goes both ways here, using the lone wolf rhetoric, offering a counter-terrorism solution—tracking people in systems, and then almost dismissing it as the price of  free society. Were Dylann Roof interested in joining ISIS, Lindsey Graham would be ready to blow him up just for thinking the thought.

However, CBS News attributes the quote to Lindsey but the actual quote was never broadcasted. Maybe he spoke the quote during dialog rehearsal or in a script meeting.

Source: [Reason]

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