POV Helmet Cam Of #Kurdish YPG And Western Volunteer Fighters Raid On A #ISIS Held Village In #Syria

Posted: June 19, 2015 in War

Rare POV helmet cam combat footage of a Kurdish YPG operation supported from western volunteer fighters from the USA and Sweden in a IS held village in Syria surfaced.

The footage shows YPG and western volunteer fighters searching houses during a raid and later engaging IS militants in a small firefight and an English interview with some durch, Brazilian and American western volunteer fighters by Ronahi TV reporter Mohammed Hassan.

There is not much information about the location of operation, the battle itself and its outcome.

This video was sent to us and we have not been able to find the original source so we actually cant provide more info.

All what we can say is that this is the first time GoPro POV Helmet cam combat footage from Kurdish YPG members and western volunteers during fighting in Syria surfaced in that length.

The interview was done by Mohammed Hassan Ronahi TV.

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