What Really Happened in the #WacoShooting Massacre?

Posted: June 19, 2015 in Culture

Conrad’s spin is significantly different than that of the police. But it has been matched by numerous reports from other eyewitnesses, and people who have talked to eyewitnesses. The lawyer grants that the mayhem was launched by a conflict between members of the Cossacks and Bandidos biker gangs, in which one biker pulled a gun on another and started shooting. But that initial attack, Conrad insists, involved “no more than three rounds total of small arms fire, according to military vets on the scene who heard and knew how to recognize what guns sound like. All the rest of the fire came from police hardware. We believe that autopsies are going to show that at least six of the dead were shot by police, maybe all nine, and that the 18 wounded were shot by police.”

William English, in an account circulated by his lawyer, said “I heard two pops that sounded like small caliber gunfire. Following that, I heard several bursts of assault weapon shots. I recognized the sound because I carried one of those weapons for six years as a Marine. That’s all the gunfire I heard. Then the police started screaming ‘Get down!'”

English told CNN that it was crazy to believe, as the police have claimed, that nearly everyone present was part of a criminal biker conspiracy preparing for violence. “Do you think I would want to take my wife to some place I know there was going to be shooting?” he asked. “Do you think I would want to be in a place where there was a shooting? I was in combat. I don’t want to be shot at anymore.”

English and his wife are members of a group called Distorted Motorcycle Club, and were there, he told local TV station KCEN, to participate in a “meeting of the Confederation of Clubs and Independents to talk about legislation for Motorcycle Awareness month.” He noted in the interview that “part of your 300 weapons” that the police crowed about confiscating on the scene included his pocket knife.

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