Secret Service, SEC Hunting for Wall Street Hackers

Posted: June 23, 2015 in Tech
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The Securities and Exchange Commission has asked for information regarding data breaches from at least eight companies, Reuters reports. The request is an unprecedented move for an insider trading probe which reflects growing concerns over cyber security.

“The SEC is interested because failures in cybersecurity have prompted a dangerous, new method of unlawful insider trading,” John Reed Stark, former head of Internet enforcement at the SEC told Reuters, calling the Commission’s outreach to the companies an “absolute first.”

While the SEC is investigating FIN4’s exact methods for tricking employees into giving up passwords, the FireEye report speculated that the hackers were either American or European, because of their perfect English and thorough knowledge of the financial system.

“What was insidiously brilliant was that they could inject themselves into email threads and keep gleaning information,” said Laura Galante, FireEye’s manager of threat intelligence. “They really knew their audience.”

The hackers used fake Microsoft Outlook login pages to trick employees into giving away their passwords, and in once case, used confidential information from a previously obtained document to spur an email conversation and lure people into revealing credentials.

Source: [Sputnik News]


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