How to Remove a Bullet

Posted: June 25, 2015 in SWIG
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So if you get shot the best advice I can give you is to go to a Trauma Center ASAP. It is far better even if you were involved in some really illegal shit to go to a hospital and lawyer the fuck up than to trust your life to an amateur surgeon. So trust me when I say this to you, do not try to remove a bullet while we still have rule of law.

The problem is that articles like the one I mentioned exist. Me saying don’t even try it realistically will fall on deaf ears. So if I don’t say how to do this as safely as possible then people will find articles like the one I just read and they will use that as a guide. So let us first assume that you are going to attempt this despite all reasonable arguments I can make to the contrary. I am not here to judge. Now let’s say you are in a SHTF situation like you are in Zimbabwe far far away from medical help and in no way able to sue me. Fine… I am not going to discuss major surgery because I am not a surgeon and I am not going to fake like I am. Even if I were it would get WAY complicated. Major surgery complicates things immensely because typically unless you are the Spanish Inquisition you don’t want to cut someone open while they are awake. Not only that but organs if they dry out… kinda die. So if you are dealing with a bullet to the torso in any way… Then um… I got nothing. You are fucked. My best advice find a veterinarian.

Now the title of the article is how to remove a bullet… and it can be a bullet but this will also work for shrapnel, broken glass, bone fragments, ect. For the sake of brevity let’s continue to call it a bullet. What it shouldn’t be is an arrow or barb that will cause more damage trying to pull it out. Let us also assume you cannot locate said bullet with X-Rays, Ultrasounds, or any such advanced imaging.

Full Story @ [USCrow]


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