#TTIP: The Consequences of Free Trade

Posted: June 26, 2015 in Politics
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“This is the latest in a sequence of so-called, free-trade agreements from NAFTA to GATT, negotiated in secret and imposed on populations without a vote.”

There are two clear responses to the possible installation of the TTIP – yes, and definitely not! The TTIP, or Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, has been referred to as “a comprehensive free trade and investment treaty, presently being negotiated, in secret.” And, its main objective has been described as the removal of regulatory barriers which limit or restrict the potential profits to be made by transnational corporations. Regulatory barriers are often environmental, labor and public health policies. That’s a big deal! In fact, it’s scary!

Although first world governments and multi-national corporations are all in favor of the deal, which they claim will result in more jobs and GDP growth for both sides of the Atlantic, there are serious concerns with the proposal.

On this week’s edition of the teleSUR original series, Media Review, host Richard Seymour picks apart the controversial deal, and harshly criticizes the international media for the lack of comprehensive debates, which includes public discourse.

Source: [telesur]


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