DHS/Police Say Criminals Drive Cars So They’re Using A New Infrared License Plate Scanning System

Posted: June 29, 2015 in Tech
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A new infrared police license plate reader system called the Data Driver Approach to Crime and Traffic Safety (DDCAT) can spy on nearly a million license plates in a two-month span. The video below shows DDCAT’s in use in Idaho

DDCAT’s are being used by police across the country, they’re in NJ, NY, Boston and California to name a few.

Police departments are regurgitating DHS propaganda from the NHTSA’s website:

DDACTS integrates location-based crime and traffic crash data to determine the most effective methods for deploying law enforcement and other resources. Drawing on the deterrent value of highly visible traffic enforcement and the knowledge that crimes often involve motor vehicles, the goal of DDACTS is to reduce crime, crashes, and traffic violations across the country.

There it is in black & white taxpayers are spending $11 THOUSAND per police vehicle so police can look for traffic violators! Ask yourself a question if you spent $11k per car how can law enforcement (DHS) hope to recoup the expenses? By affixing them to intersections, police cars and waiting for you to commit a traffic violation.

Welcome to American profiteering I mean policing, where your next violation WILL cost you!

Full Story @ [massprivatei]


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