Fascism, Gun Control and the Intelligence Community

Posted: June 29, 2015 in Politics


A com­pan­ion to L-3, this lec­ture ana­lyzes gun con­trol, an issue that has helped fuel the growth of the mili­tia move­ment. Gen­er­ally viewed as a lib­eral polit­i­cal issue, gun con­trol has roots firmly planted in the his­tory and method­ol­ogy of inter­na­tional fas­cism. Pre­sent­ing con­crete facts refut­ing many of the pop­u­lar argu­ments for gun con­trol, the dis­cus­sion high­lights the fact that the pres­ence of firearms in soci­ety is not con­nected to the crime or homi­cide lev­els. In addi­tion, the pro­gram points out that bicy­cles, bath­tubs, swim­ming pools, matches and auto­mo­biles each rep­re­sent an expo­nen­tially greater threat to the lives of chil­dren than firearms.

After explod­ing many of the myths about gun con­trol, the pro­gram delin­eates con­nec­tions between inter­na­tional fas­cism and gun con­trol. Much of the dis­cus­sion cen­ters on for­mer Sen­a­tor Thomas Dodd, one of the most impor­tant fig­ures in the Amer­i­can gun con­trol move­ment. A mem­ber of the U.S. pros­e­cu­to­r­ial staff at Nurem­berg, this for­mer FBI agent was close to the Amer­i­can Secu­rity Coun­cil (ASC), a domes­tic fas­cist group.

With its roots in the Hitler-Goebbels Anti-Comintern, the Amer­i­can Secu­rity Coun­cil was a key Amer­i­can link to the for­mer World Anti-Communist League or WACL. Cre­ated by for­mer FBI agents dis­grun­tled at the demise of Sen­a­tor Joseph McCarthy’s “inves­ti­ga­tions,” the Amer­i­can Secu­rity Coun­cil coa­lesced around the files of Harry Jung’s Amer­i­can Vig­i­lance Intel­li­gence Fed­er­a­tion. (Vir­u­lently anti-Semitic, Jung’s orga­ni­za­tion was part of the Anti-Comintern prior to World War II.) Count­ing among its ranks some of the most promi­nent names on the far right, the orga­ni­za­tion kept track of peo­ple it con­sid­ered “sub­ver­sive,” shar­ing polit­i­cal intel­li­gence with prospec­tive employ­ers (par­tic­u­larly defense contractors.)

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