The Militia Movement: Enemy or Pawn of the State?

Posted: June 29, 2015 in Politics


In the wake of the Okla­homa City bomb­ing in April of 1995, inter­na­tional atten­tion focused on the mili­tia move­ment in Amer­ica. This movement’s mem­bers, sup­port­ers and detrac­tors have all char­ac­ter­ized it as an anti-government move­ment. This lec­ture explores the pos­si­bil­ity that the mili­tia move­ment may actu­ally be a tool or exten­sion of the gov­ern­ment. (Mr. Emory stresses that he believes that the movement’s actual mem­ber­ship is a mixed bag. Many peo­ple in the mili­tias are sin­cere patri­ots and con­ser­v­a­tives, although gen­er­ally badly mis­in­formed. Many are also out­right rav­ing Nazis and fas­cists. A few are actu­ally liberals.)

The bulk of the lec­ture con­sists of analy­sis and his­tory of the evo­lu­tion of the para-military right in the United States. The lec­ture begins with dis­cus­sion of the MacArthur group within the mil­i­tary and MacArthur’s intel­li­gence chief, Charles Willoughby. The illu­sion that the United States was con­trolled by com­mu­nist sym­pa­thiz­ers had its gen­e­sis with Truman’s removal of MacArthur as com­man­der of the UN forces in Korea. For­mer MacArthur staffers, such as Willoughby and Colonel William Pot­ter Gale, formed an impor­tant ele­ment on the Amer­i­can far right, and played an impor­tant part in the evo­lu­tion of the para­mil­i­tary right. Gale founded the fas­cist Chris­t­ian Defense League, one of a num­ber of trib­u­taries that fed the growth of the Minutemen.

The most impor­tant of America’s para-military orga­ni­za­tions was the Min­ute­men. A pro­to­type and direct pre­cur­sor of the mod­ern mili­tia move­ment, the Min­ute­men over­lapped many domes­tic fas­cist orga­ni­za­tions, such as the Amer­i­can Nazi Party, the afore­men­tioned Chris­t­ian Defense League, Ku Klux Klan and National States Rights Party. The intel­li­gence com­mu­nity has recruited ele­ments of the Min­ute­men (and other, sim­i­lar, para-military orga­ni­za­tions) to serve at the oper­a­tional level in covert oper­a­tions, both domes­tic and foreign.

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