Mystery ‘Australian’ Woman Found On U.S. Street With Amnesia Makes TV Appeal

Posted: July 1, 2015 in Culture

A mystery woman who turned up in a coastal Californian town suffering from amnesia says she has been having vivid dreams about an unknown man.

The woman, who has adopted the name Sam and speaks some words with an Australian accent, believes the man may be her husband. But she cannot be sure about that, or indeed about anything to do with her identity or her past life.

“I have this dream of this bloke in my dreams all the time,” Sam said, breaking down, in her first interview since her baffling story became public this week.

Update: Ashley Manetta, 53, never married and has sisters in Colorado and Maryland. She was born in Pennsylvania, lived in Flagstaff, Arizona, and several years ago found her way to Southern California, where she lived in La Jolla, Vista, and Carlsbad.

Source: [The Sydney Morning Herald]

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