22 Year Old Dies Instantly After Tying Firework Mortar To Head

Posted: July 5, 2015 in Culture

CALAIS, Maine — A local man was killed instantly Saturday when he placed a fireworks mortar tube on his head and set it off, state police said Sunday.

Devon Staples, 22, of Calais was with friends in a friend’s back yard on South Street when the accident occurred at approximately 10 p.m. The explosion caused a fatal head injury and Staples died instantly, according to Stephen McCausland, spokesman for the Maine Department of Public Safety.

Staples had been drinking with his friends when the accident occurred, McCausland said.

Mr Staples’ brother, Cody, told the New York Daily News that he was standing less than two metres away from his brother when he died.

Cody said his brother, who had recently become engaged, was joking around at the time and did not intend to set off the firework. He said his brother was holding a lighter and it “accidentally caused the firework to go off”, the newspaper reported.

“I was the first one who got there. There was no rushing him to the hospital. There was no Devon left when I got there,” Cody said.

Source: [Bangor Daily News]

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