How Good Is Your AntiVirus Against Hacking Team Code?

Posted: July 8, 2015 in Tech
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The company Hacking Team internally tested its code against a wide range of antivirus engines and Internet security apps. Testing was done using Windows 7, 64bit. In this color coded scheme, red means the code was not only detected but issued an alert whereas black just blocked with no notification. Click on the image for the full list.

  • Green – Antivirus does not react to the launch of the agent.
  • Yellow – Agent connects to the server, but can sometimes issues a warning. The antivirus has a non-standard configuration (ie the firewall turned off).
  • Black – the agent can not connect to the server, but there is no anti-virus warnings, or agent is in the antivirus black list.
  • Red – the agent can not connect to the server, an antivirus warning appears (agent is detected as malicious).


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  1. Monique Alderman says:

    All I can say is….”you guys are blessings!! Thanks. I’m learning new things and how to protect myself on my cell and online from creeps who have nothing better to do than pick on innocent people who love GOD and country and want to do great things with their lives. You are doing things to benefit mankind. THANK YOU. GOD BLESS YOU. YOU HAVE BEEN GIFTED BY GOD WITH BEING THE AUTHORS OF WITTY INVENTIONS AND BRILLIANT IDEAS. .


  2. Monique Alderman says:

    One more thing…..I saw an article about a T.I. winning a case too. That is so cool.


  3. Monique Alderman says:

    Can you please email me and tell me which is the safest most effective and protective internet security suites and anti-virus programs for computers. I thought that BitDefender is, but judging from the article you have, it looks like that is not the case.

    Thank you.


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